Pushing The Envelope In Strategic Digital Advertising

We will deploy every available technology to achieve our clients goals.

CTV/OTT TV Advertising

Embed your brand onto your target audiences televisions.


Capture your target audience using physical location.


Serve display ads to individuals based on their search history, online behavior, or known information on top tier search engines and social media.

Automated Direct Mail

We deliver advertising in unique formats that stand out, to a box where there is no spam filter.

Our Services

These are the services we offer when deploying the latest marketing technology available.

Account Based Marketing

We make it easy to build and manage prioritized account lists using internal firmographics. We have the intent, engagement, and relationship data you need.

B2B Advertising

>We drive engagement with buyers, partners, influencers, and advocates through our omnichannel setup.

B2C Advertising

>We can help Increase Your Website's Visibility & Brand Engagement with an Integrated Approach.

CTV/OTT Connected TV Advertising

The most powerful way to reach your audience complete with full reporting.

Imagine your brand on Television.

Since its inception, marketers and advertisers have been utilizing Geofencing to precisely target consumers in localized areas. Before, only household titans could afford to see their logos, colors and messaging on TV. Now it’s possible for you to advertise on TV too.

As time goes on and more and more people disavow the cable company and stop paying outrageous monthly sums for basic TV and movie channels. The fact of the matter is that the majority of this content is available to be streamed online directly to consumer’s smartTVs or standard TVs through chromecast/ROKU/AppleTV/FireStick, and the like. There are more than 60 million “cord-cutters” in the US that can only be reached digitally.

Let’s talk about targeting your ideal customer, today.

Direct Mail

Combining Traditional Marketing with the Latest in Hyper Targeting to achieve incredible lifts.

In some instances, the Old-Fashioned way is indeed a great way to do things. At Cherpelis & Hunter, we believe in the benefits of combining traditional marketing techniques with today’s hyper-targeted digital advertising to achieve incredible lifts in response. Even today, Direct Mail alone has a household response rate of 5.1% (2017 DMA Response Report). When we simultaneously integrate a traditional direct-mail campaign with Addressable Geofencing, clients are seeing upwards of a 30% lift in response.

Many people shy away from direct mail campaigns once they realize the work involved in seeing a campaign through from ideation all the way to delivery. At Cherpelis & Hunter we have a one-stop solution that allows our clients access to a world class fully automated Postcard & Letter Mailing system that provides for list uploads or direct integrations, as well as list generation with fully custom messaging and the personal warmth of a stamp and cursive handwriting.



Circle your target audience.

Imagine the ability to capture your target audience by drawing a radius on a map, around the location(s) they frequent, with the purpose of serving your custom advertisements directly to them 3x daily for the following 30 days. We can reach mobile, tablet, and desktop devices as well as Smart TV’s.

A Multi-Tactic Approach

Why You Should Choose Cherpelis & Hunter Media Group

We are a small flexible team and we are committed to delivering custom solutions for our client’s unique needs using only the latest in programmatic technology. For us it’s simple. Help us understand your business and how you’re currently going to market and we will construct a highly targeted campaign to reach your most ideal customer on the media platforms they already consume.

At C&H Media Group, simply put, we make it easy for you. We can help you strategize, we can create your art and we can bring your digital ideas to fruition. With full metrics and detailed reporting we can even drill down to transaction level data.

We truly understand and believe in the value of the multi-tactic approach. With access to all the latest and greatest tools in programmatic and the ability to overlay geofencing with a host of other tactics, we can truly drill-down to your ideal buying audience. Once zeroed in, to ensure optimal visibility we serve your custom ads across an array of device formats to ensure mobile and desktop targeting. While ads are being served, we keep careful watch on the campaign and make the necessary optimizations to drive website conversions, track walk-ins to your physical location and promote purchases on your website.

We Offer Cross Device Targeting

Our Ads Are Wi-Fi Enabled


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